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Vasiliy Lozovoy stayed in the memory of everybody who knew him as a smiling and well-wishing personality. It was obvious that he was full of zest, he had a good interior will and high reliability.
He exposed his works on many exhibitions, his special art technique was well knowable and his images as a rule were marked by a serious creative research. He was creating things being goal-oriented, fundamental and devoted. He was taken all those dramatic challenges accrued to his generation faith without complaining, as a prescription which should be used to spend decently his own life.
In his early 18 he is artillerist and cannon chief. High fight rewards witness spirit and courage of the young warier which include “The Reward of Glory” and "For the Courage".
After the end of the war being the invalid of the II group he entered the Kharkov art school and finished it with excellence despite the fact that he had to support financially his mother and brother by working and studying in the same time.
Aspiring to improve professional skills V. Lozovoy enters Kharkov Art Institute where on the theatric faculty his destiny makes him meet an eminent artist and pedagogue Boris Kosarev. Mr. Kosarev having seen in Lozovoy not only a talent but a great working ability supported his student in every way in his creative search which was not very common for the soviet art of that period and protected him from being expelled from the Institute for "formalism". Finally Lozovoy got his diploma and started teaching in this Institute.
For his 40-year pedagogical practice Lozovoy having made the way from assistant to professor grew tens of nowadays well-known artists who remember with gratitude the wise lessons of their favorite teacher.
In spite of his work on the chair of image in the Kharkov Art Institute Lozovoy for many years worked benevolent as a leader of one of the most famous in Ukraine art schools of the working youth at the Culture Palace of Kharkov Electric and Mechanic Plant. The pedagogical and creative activity of Lozovoy was marked by the reward “Mark of Esteem” and nomination of “emeritus artist of Ukraine”.
Since 1992 the artist has participated in numerous foreign exhibitions in USA, Germany, Italy. Especially often he visits Italy where he had 6 personal exhibitions which were greeted with admiration by the Italian critics and where the artist became winner of the Lorenzo Lotto International Competition.
There is the interior and event canvas of the activity of Vasiliy Lozovoy. But his main interior string was the art and especially his creative search, his professional success and failures formed the base of all his life.

Lozovoy was the painter of wide art diapason, he was master of theme compositions, wrote portraits, landscapes, still-life paintings, worked with oil, tempera, water paints, pastel, pencil and coal.
The creation of paintings for Vasiliy Lozovoy wasn't a forced time homage but it was just the necessity for him, who wholly experienced the stress of war, to incarnate his feelings and thoughts about troubled years of war and about the happiness of peace life in the dramaturge large-scale visible images.
His thinkings, his philosophic approach to the topic, his interested search of composition solutions, of profound truth of characters, of expressiveness of details have been shown in the summaries for the paintings of the artist. He was captivated by the very process of paintings creation.
He wrote: " … the long work at the paintings provides to the painter a lot of positive things, the search opens unexpected sides of details and of the solution itself, the search contains something unknown which attracts strongly".
From that period tens of master wonderful preparative works and sketches were conserved which testified the constant love of the artist to the work with the nature.
Lozovoy, who was educated in traditional academic school, was a talented artist, master of various shadings, which helped him to make modeling of the forms accurately. Good sense of form enabled the painter to reveal accurate proportions and dimensions in paintings even by a few almost arbitrary dabs in impetuous slight sketches.
One of the main and permanent characteristics of Lozovoy creative works is dynamism of pictorial tune, which appeared in energy of rhythms, later in relaxed, sometimes biting motions of fast confident brush in the works of "severe style".
In the last Italian period of his creative work visual techniques of dynamics revealing recede, power of energy goes into material of the painting itself, making an impression of live inside, plethoric, breathing form.
The inherent part of Lozovoy individual artistic style is luminescence, which made a special admirable reflection to his paintings of recent years. This aspiration for special expressiveness of the light was hidden in the mind of the artist from his student years – the time of comprehension the basics of scenography, where the light is one of the most important aspects of expressiveness.
In thematic pictures with notional and subject accent, the light at Lozovoy pictures is expressed peculiarly, but didn’t get a priority.
But in still lives and landscapes, drawing drafts and sketches - where the creative incentives could found free, without with heavy continuous reflections, ingenuous implementation, bright faculty of Lozovoy was revealing intensively.
In his paintings of 1970’s the illumination of the top part of the picture was dominating, that enable to create halos of crowns of the trees, corollas of flowers, roofs of houses. Sometimes a light shining goes from the depth of the composition, revealing the beauty of the silhouettes in unobtrusive paintings, which are made according to "contrejour technique" (against the light).
Plenary work in Kharkov, in the Crimea and especially in Italy, which are the reach regions, where everything is illuminated with the bright sun, gave to the artist all that he, as always cheerful person, was always aspired, - his talent to materialize joy of existence in his paintings. In Italian paintings the light lives in colors, impregnate the forms, which express the inside shining. It seems like a free, absolutely relaxed dab – sometimes light, sometimes pastose – in these paintings of Lozovy expresses rejoicing – as a demonstration of delight of happy person and artist.
The represented exhibition of paintings of artist, front-line soldier, teacher Vasiliy Jakovlevich Lozovoy in the halls of Kharkov Art Museum undoubtably will become a real discovery of unique master for kharkivites, who found a lightness of creative breathe in indefatigable search.

Valentyna Myzgina
Director of Kharkov Art Museum,
Honored worker of culture of Ukraine

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